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Clean steel... and fine rubber powder

Recyclatrack fine rubber powders

The Publicly Available Specification ‘PAS 107’, which was developed by WRAP (the UK government funded Waste Resources Action Programme) for the first time categorises tyre and track derived rubber material into standard particle size ranges.

The majority of rubber powder propduced by the Recyclatrack process falls into the 0.5mm to 2mm size range. (approx. US 30-10 mesh).

A Quality Protocol published in partnership between WRAP and the UK Environment Agency 'Quality Protocol' allows tyre derived rubber material (TDRM) to be re-classified as a product rather than continue to be treated as “waste”. This will have the effect of saving industry substantial waste management charges and will further stimulate the recycling of scrap tyres and crawler tracks.

In 2006 the European Landfill Directive prohibited the dumping of waste rubber materials to landfill. Large tyres (larger than 1.4m dia.) and rubber crawler tracks were exempted, however, because there was no viable recycling technology available.

A recycling technology for the complete disposal of OTR tyres is also available from the Aqublast companies.


Recyclatrack Produced Rubber Powder

  • 100% guaranteed wire-free
  • Spotlessly Clean
  • Virtually Odourless
  • Excellent Morphology

Packaging: 1 ton Polybags or 25Kgs sacks on request

For futher details call Aquablast on +44 (0)1502 714143 or email